Saturday 9/2/13

9 02 2013

strength session

6 week Pushup/pullup/ring dip training
pushups wk4d2
pullups wk3d2
dips wk1d3
12-1 toes 2 bar, 1 min rest between.




One response

9 02 2013

Body – felt awesome actually, after a day of crap eating but following the slow carb cheat day protocol (as close as poss) I smash through the pushups and pullups easily. Pushing past numbers that usually have me stuck
Food – slow carb cheat day, grapefruit juice before crap food to slow insulin response and coffee with crap food to speed the gastric emptying. Additionally threw in a few squats here and there to activate glut4 response in muscles for glucose uptake.
Sleep – the usual, about 5-6 hours, need to make this a focus of improvement
WOD – untimed of course but as I say felt strong. unbroken sets of T2B and 30 on the last set pf pushups after 22,25,18,18,28 w60 sec rest

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