19th June

19 06 2013

Armstrong D1


Goblet Sq (35lbs / 25lbs) (used bulgarian bag and jumping squats)

Body – good although tired
Sleep – 5 hours
Food – not bad, no crap
WOD – 11:45
Armstrong – 12,8,6,5,5

14th March

18 03 2013

subdued sesh, time enough for a couple of strength routines.
Armstrong D2
“Pyramid day
10s rest for each rep in prev set”
12-1 reps of strict toes to bar

12th March

18 03 2013

Began Armstrong routine again, last time was about this time last year with good results, took my pullups from about 9 strict to 18 in about 2 months. Since the old pullups have been slack lately thought it about time to dust off the major Armstrong, however as I need to build strength Ive added a new flavour to it this year by wearing my 12kg weight vest as well.

Armstrong Pullup Routine

Bullet proof shoulders
Armstrong D1

5 Rounds
5 KB Snatch (ea hand, 24kg)
10 Handstand pushup (HSPU)
15 Russian twist 16kg (ea side 1/2 rep)