4th July – CrossFit Frantic

4 07 2016


Monday 4/7/16
1. push press 75kg for 5
2. managed decent 10s planche holds
3. capacity is getting up there.

1. stronger than I was in my 20s
2. ability to listen to my body and wisdom to know when to back off
3. that my girl made healthy food choices when asked what she wanted while at a friends house.

Extra Skill:
muscle up after class

Comfort zone:
put the 75 on the bar and did it.

1st June – CrossFit Frantic

31 05 2016


65kg please snatch

8th May

8 05 2016


28th February

28 02 2016


Shoulder still playing up. Lightened weight on tgu right side to 16 and 20

26th January

26 01 2016


23rd January

23 01 2016

Tabata ido scap pushups, deadhang and planks with my girl. Then she spun me out with some real pullups and ring holds!

22nd January

22 01 2016


Various modalities today. Strength, deadlift.

Iz programmed herself a wod too 🙂 the bottom middle routine.

No time for wod so smashed out dls between running a bath for Iz, getting dinner ready and general tidy up…