4th July – CrossFit Frantic

4 07 2016


Monday 4/7/16
1. push press 75kg for 5
2. managed decent 10s planche holds
3. capacity is getting up there.

1. stronger than I was in my 20s
2. ability to listen to my body and wisdom to know when to back off
3. that my girl made healthy food choices when asked what she wanted while at a friends house.

Extra Skill:
muscle up after class

Comfort zone:
put the 75 on the bar and did it.

What would you do with only 5 more years to live?

18 07 2014

Consider that the majority of us eek out an existence of mediocrity and average-ness, myself included, I want to challenge myself to strive for more.

I would love ideas for off the wall, slap in your face (but not offensive) opinions on what you would do if you only had 5 years to live.

1st February – A hard pill

1 02 2014

Day 4 of the 50 pullups challenge. They’re not too bad when you break them up, although traps are getting sore. The elbow pain hasn’t got worse but these pullups are probably not doing it any favours.

Training has seriously dropped off, whats the underlying cause? Generally very tired for some reason. Could be that. Could be injuries, but what caused which? My guess training while tired + not enough recovery (even though the regime isnt exactly gruelling) = injury prone. A hard pill to swallow.