5th July – CrossFit Frantic

5 07 2016


Tuesday 5/7/16

1. consistent split jerk when it hasnt been recently
2. 21 unbroken pullups during wod
3. capacity is getting up there.

1. for Jasmine letting us submit late scores for the winter buds
2. that the pullups felt easy right up to the last couple
3. that I didnt rip my hands doing the pullups!

Extra Skill
1. assisted strict muscle up after class
2. 2 attempts at bar muscle up

Comfort zone
20 GHD and back extension after class


Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises Making You a TRUE Beast!

6 08 2012

The idea seems sound although website has a strange cartoon like those you used to see in the back of comic books as a kid, you know the one with the beefcake kicking sand in the face of the skinny guy? Then the skinny guy’s GF goes off with the beefcake. You know the one!

1) pistols x 10 ea. leg
2) 1 arm push ups x 10 ea. arm
3) 1 hand pull up x 1 rep ea. arm
4) muscle up on bar / rings x 5 in a row
5) 100 consecutive push ups
6) 10 handstand push ups
7) handstand walking
8) 20′ rope climb without leg assistance
9) parallel bar dips x 50 reps
10) 20 pull ups (overhand or underhand grip)

via Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises Making You a TRUE Beast!.

A good list to work on. I would also add a 60 sec L-sit (rings or parallettes or just the ground) and/or a 60 sec planche to that list (full straight body planche not just a tuck although that in itself is hard!). Not that I can manage that time length on either but we’ll get there! (or a fraction of the list above BTW, respect to those who can).


Pavel Tsatsouline – The Naked Warrior

bullet proof shoulders
L-sit tuck planche x3 12 sec each
5 kb snatch ea hand (16kg)
5 kb snatch ea hand (24kg)
5 box pistols ea leg

5 rounds

(Wearing 12kg weight vest)
5 box pistols (20″ box, ea leg)
30 sec handstand
5 kb snatch (24kg) (ea hand)
10 swiss ball decline pushups (feet on ball)