19th July

19 07 2015


Last 5 @ 90kg
Weight vest added for variety last two rounds

7th July

7 07 2014


August 17th – sat sesh

12 09 2013

Bullet proof shoulders
Shoulder press 5×5
situps 10


20 step ups (CT 16kg weight vest)
30s v-sit hold / CT V-ups
10 turkish getups (Boz 2.5/Chris 28)
15 Kb swings (6/28)

BJ – 18:28
CT – 22:51

What date?

22 05 2013

April or early May 2013

First of the saturday sessions at my place.

10 Squats
10 situps
10 pushups


20 walking lunges (1/2 count)
10 Burpees / tuck jumps (Boz scaled)
10 dips (box)
20 Jumping squats (CT – 24kg kb)
200m run

CT – with 12kg weight vest
Shane – 16kg bbag for jumping squats

20th March

20 03 2013

Before dinner 6k run with the dog.

THEN, after dinner.

Tabata Squats w/weight vest (12kg)
5 chins with halfway hold and rotate on each
Armstrong D2 – pyramid

EMOTM for 10mins
3 Thrusters 40kg + w/weight vest (12kg)

12th March

18 03 2013

Began Armstrong routine again, last time was about this time last year with good results, took my pullups from about 9 strict to 18 in about 2 months. Since the old pullups have been slack lately thought it about time to dust off the major Armstrong, however as I need to build strength Ive added a new flavour to it this year by wearing my 12kg weight vest as well.

Armstrong Pullup Routine

Bullet proof shoulders
Armstrong D1

5 Rounds
5 KB Snatch (ea hand, 24kg)
10 Handstand pushup (HSPU)
15 Russian twist 16kg (ea side 1/2 rep)

Wednesday 20/2/13

20 02 2013

In between walking the dog, getting daughter fed and bathed, watering the garden and cleaning up after the dog I managed to get in a quick WOD, did I mention the wife was at work?

(wearing 12kg weight vest)
150 Walking lunges
on the min every min until finished do 5 burpees