Just another dude posting up progress to keep me honest.

Created this blog after being introduced to crossfit by a guy I worked with. Awesome bloke who just happened to be a crossfit trainer too. I joined the work group he trained regularly in the office gym, we proceeded to upset the beefcakes in the gym doing their biceps curls and half squats.

That was over two years ago (2011). Fast forward to now and my whole idea of training has been turned around. Ive completed my level 1 trainers cert and I entered in the 2012 crossfit games open (just for fun!). I have been fortunate to have met this guy and he has been good enough to continue to help me train at his home where he has his garage gym setup. Who knows with any luck he’ll open a box and we’ll keep charging forward.

Seeing progress (and set backs too) has been motivating to do more. I’ve developed a real thirst to learn whatever I can about health and well being. Crossfit has changed it all, every workout is a thrill, a challenge against myself.

Slowly but surely Im kitting out my own garage gym, I design my own WOD’s during the week and train with my friend every Sunday all things being equal. I recently began to train others, I ran a small work group bootcamp style session for a while, taking victims to the local park and running them through sessions during their lunch break. We’re lucky in Australia to be able to do that.

I want to be an inspiration to my little girl, who incidentally has her own 6kg kettlebell and is learning to lift it. What colour? well what other colour would a princess loving 3 year old girl want? Yep, Pink!

why 5PtwoDB?

Perfection (the striving for)
Purpose (find it!)
Precision (or as close to in all things)


Boldness (fortune favours it!)

is it douche-worthy? probably… but the right intention was there! šŸ˜‰

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